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repair cost???

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can i get some feedback on how much you guys think it should cost to get all vaccum lines replaced by a mechanic. i would do it myself except some lines are all together missing and i want to ensure that they're done right.

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Vacuum lines shouldn't be too big of a deal to do yourself. Are you worried about matching the right parts together, or the actual connection?
There are kits available that have some lengths already precut.
Then, for the rest, you just buy a roll or spool.
You can easily do the ones that still have tubing. Just a straight up replacement.
Then, having some already done reduces the amount you need to match up yourself.

The FSM has vacuum diagrams under headings such as "engine and emission control system."
Just depends on what type of Z you have as to which FSM.

Of course, if you have pictures, I'm sure someone here will be able to walk you through, too.

Quoting wouldn't be too fair for us. Not sure of the details of where you are. Some regions have different costs/charges.
I would go to three or four local mechanics, and ask them for a quote. Post them here, and we can say if you are being ripped off. That'd be easiest for everyone.
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Just because a "mechanic" does it doesn't necessarily mean it will be right. Save yourself some money and hassle and do it yourself. Start with the ones that are obvious and the ones that are missing you can take pics and post them here. There are several people here that will help. You can buy spools or by the foot at any auto parts store.
The more you work on your car yourself the more you learn, and eventually you won't trust a "mechanic"!
I agree with tennhogfan, a mechanic would be guessing where hoses go too. Why pay someone to do the same thing you can. You at least care about your car and will make a better effort to get it right. Get the FSM. There are diagrams in the Fuel section and in the A/C section. I'm pretty sure the EFI bible has some diagrams too. Replace the ones that are still there and the rest should be easy to figure out through the FSM.
You obviously have more money than time? It's just a DD and you want a quick fix and that is it for your interest in the car?
I agree. Most mechanics will have no clue where the vaccum lines run. You will be paying for a mechanic to quess and probably get it wrong or if you're lucky you will pay for a mechanic to spend the time to research and learn where the lines go and then install them. That could get real expensive if he's a slow reader or learner.
Any way you go if you have no desire to learn more about your Z, you should sell it to someone who does.
I have posted pictures detailing where they go. You won't find a mechanic who knows this.
Got a quick link to those pictures, palli? I ran a search, but I couldn't pin down the thread.
Yeah if you are just replacing old cracked hoses just a little time and $$.

Pardon me for asking the obvious but have you gotten a quote from a mechanic? The quote may determine if you want to have a mechanic do the work or do it yourself.

As others have suggested, a factory service manual and the proper lines/hoses aren't all that expensive.

Good luck.

Dave Ruiz
I won't be home til late wed nite. Send me a PM tomorrow and I'll email it to you.
I was actually going to do this project myself in the not too distant future.

I was going to order this kit: http://www.hiperformancestore.com/HoseKits.htm#Datsun
They're also the same kits on Ebay. Anyone have feedback from using these kits on their car?
These cars are too old for most mechanics to have ever worked on them, so they would be guessing. Take an example of each size (diameter/thickness) hose and the bulk length you will need to the autoparts store and buy by the foot.
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