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ANTHONY IS RIGHT, and renault is in my opinion one of the top 5 car & engine manufucturers in the world.
They have dominated the formula 1 grand pix in the 80's and 90's. Not to mention F1 champions for 6 straight years 92-97. Also Renault is the company that brought back the Turbo in the late 70's both in racing and in production cars. If I remeber correctly only the 911 had a turbo back then in a production car. Yeah the Le Car sucked....but so do most european cars here. take for example the M3 with 240HP, but 321 HP in europe, not to mention the 3 oil pumps (for correct flow during acceleration braking and cornering) in europe compare to the single one here, or even the fact that the M3 here has no variable valve timming.
So remember that the Le Car in Europe had dominated every Rally for years, and as it was called in Europe, Renault 5turbo, had 145HP out of a 1.4 engine with 7 seconds 0-62 (yeah that is the same horse power from a 280ZX of the same year.....assuming it an 82 or 83 otherwise it is moore horse from half the engine size). I am not even gonna talk about the legendary Renault 5turbo ALPINE with 200+ Horses and flared fenders. (By the way the engine was behind the front seat.....yes on the Le Car)
ANd sure you can find them in the Dupond registry, some did make it here........ I woulg guess for an 82 about $5-7000.
I just wish I don't hear again something in the terms I've never heard of Renault
I would race any car in the $20-25,000 range with a renault MEGANE 16V turbo
Or even better with the new generation of Le Car the CLIO Williams with technology straight out of the Formula one engine.
So yes it will be a big plus for nissan ....since their engines and cars seem to SUCK in the last 3-4 years.......except for the skyline ofcourse !!!!!!
PS: I hope you are all familiar with Citroen (2CV especially) or Peugeot (like 205 Rally...etc)

> Actually the american view of Renault it way
> off. Sure, the Le Car sucked, BADLY, but the
> have made great cars, and the cars they are
> making now are world class. Reading a
> magazine one night I saw a short news thing
> about Renault's consideration of coming back
> to the US market. We'll have to wait and
> see. Check out one of the euroupean mags
> (NOT euro lowrider, real publications!) and
> you'll see a Renault in it, they are good
> cars. Now as for them purchasing a large
> share of Nissan, I think that would be great
> too, they need someone's help. If it happens
> you'll probably see the money needed to
> create a real Z successor. Not another Z32,
> but a real Z, unlike that **** concept
> thing.
> Anthony
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