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removing intake manifold on 1978 280Z

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I'm trying to remove my intake manifold on my '78. It has a hole in it. I got everything unhooked and I got the 4 studs out on top. How is the best way to remove the studs on the bottom side? Are there 2 of them? Does the exhaust manifold have to be removed? It looks pretty tight in there. I can either get it repaired or get another '78 EGR type or a 1975 Non EGR type. I don't need the EGR but are there any other differences?
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First put the top ones back on they must support the manifold
while your working down below.
Get a mirror and flash light by the brake booster.
Take a peek see what your long socket must reach.
Spray penetration oil soak over night.
remove brake booster and heat shield .
For room to work.
Have at it.

Work them back and forth that will help keep them from snapping.

Both manifolds share one gasket both come off.

Did you get your free FSM.

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There should be a total of 6 14mm bolts on the bottom, an extention is your best friend.
Thank's a lot for the info! I guess I have some more PB blasting to do! I didn't get a free FSM. I bought a disk off the internet. It is very detailed in many aspecs but didn't go into much detail on removing the manifolds.
"A six inch wobble extension AND 12mm sockets will be your friend." Light and small mirror are mandatory. NK
Wobble extension work great... U-Joint sockets work better in my opinion. But either one will get the job done. Be generous with that PB, a broken bolt in the head always seems to ruin my day...

You might as well take the exhaust manifold off while your at it so you can replace the gasket, it would be retarded not to.

Don't forget your bottle of anti-seize when reassembling!
Thats right its 12mm not 14... I've been spending too much time with 14mm sockets lately.
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