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> Can someone give me a ballpark figure to
> rebuild a 79 zx engine and 5 speed?

Rebuilt the engine in Aug. The short block
was $450 and the head was $150 plus $50
to put the timing chain on and the block and head
together. I pulled the engine out my self.
Cost extra if they would have done it. 5 speed
should cost between $200-$300. I forgot other
stuff for the engine. $100 for clutch,$80 for
timing kit, $50 for engine gasket kit, and $25 for having the intake manifold clean,$25 to have the flywheel resurface. Forgot the price for the water and oil pump, engine belts, bolts,and renting the engine lift. You can go to PeP boys get a rebuilt for $1088 and it comes with a timing kit, gaskets,and oil pump. The shop
quoted me $1700 to do everything . I had to buy
the engine belts and water pump. I hope this helps you.
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