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Reasons a Speedometer wont work...

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Hey everyone. Been a long time, but I'm getting back on the road in one of my Z's... the '94 Vert I picked up last year.
Anyway, I drove it tonight, and noticed that the speedo wasn't working. Everything else in the cluster was working fine. What are some things I should check? I've had the cluster out, and the needle isn't frozen... Any thoughts?
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Speed sensor on the transmission?
Did it work before you pulled the cluster?
Nope, didn't work before I pulled the cluster. I pulled it to see if I could find something wrong, or if something was not plugged in.
pull out the speed sensor and hook it up to your cluster directly and flip it by hand... if you see the needle go up then you're tranny is missing the speedo ring... like mine was -.-

once you have the speed sensor out, you can hook up an ohm meter and check for the changes in resistance and then switch to the voltmeter function of your DVM... if it produces power, its ok and your cluster has taken a dump

check the connectors behind the cluster and if all looks good then its time to replace your cluster

this is a little vid I made to diagnose mine

Cool... thanks!
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