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rear sway bar

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is putting a rear sway bar on a 240 difficult?..i thought i read some where it can be a pain in the ass..thanks guys!
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yea it is (since your dealing /w 31-34 year-old bolts!!) Other than that it isnt THAT hard
if I recall 240's did not come with a rear sway bar so there are no old bolts to worry about
just mounting new brackets to the body is all thats involved i believe...though, i've never done it
yes 240s didn't have rear sway bars. rear bars didn't come till the '74 260z

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It's not too bad depending on the kit. The last one I did required drilling some holes through the floor on each side of the rear frame member..
I put one on my '72. was actually pretty easy but have taken it off due to interference with the C.V. axle setup
The 73 240 has rear mounts welded to the frame like the 260.....

what year 240 do you have??
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