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Rear End broken

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My 72 240Z rear end died. I want to uprage and take advantage of this and put in newer rear end. Maybe somthing that may be able to have rear disk brakes. What types of rear ends can I substitue.
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What do you have in now? 3:9. You could replace with the tire squeeling 4:11 R-200 diff. You can do the disc brake upgrade. Thicker sway bar, new stiffer bushings, How far do you want to go? Give us a little info and i am sure we will give a lot of input.
Don't forget to search the archives, lots of great stuff in there.
Hope this helps
If you have the stock 4 spd, your diff is 3.36. Unless you plan on changing to a five speed, you have two realistic choices - get another 3.36 diff from a 240 or get a 3.54 diff from an automatic 240. The 3.9 and 4.11 diffs are great IF you have the 5 spd. Without a 5 spd your rpms on the highway will be outrageous. 3.54 will get you off the line a little faster then the 3.36 and it will bolt right in.

You can try this Transmission Calculator to see what different diffs will give you with your transmission


I have a 5 speed from a 280Z, but I have no idea what the gear ratio is. If it does not matter than I will find a 3.9 or 4.11 diff. I live in the LA area and there are lots of junkyards in the are.
Thnaks this does help and I want to improve the performance, and the safety. I have a 5 speed from a 280Z. I have looked throuhg the archives but did not actually find the information in this format. I will try to find the 4:11 R-200 diff, and at the same time try to do the disc brake upgrade.
Shaver I found the 200SX turbo with the 200 4.11 diff. Now I have the two half shafts, what else do I need to replace that puppy.
I would bolt her in and let fly, same half shafts as you already have. See how it handles, you may want to go with the heavier sway bar, and you should already have upgradeded to stiffer suspension. Best is to try one step at a time. Let me know how it goes.
Shaver, need a bit of help. During the towing when rear end broke lost drive shaft that was in the car. I am not sure with what to replace it with. The engine is from a 280Z with a 5 speed transmission.
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