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rear differential mount Broken

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I just got picked up this 1973 240z for 2,500 :( I now over payed for the condition its. This is my 3rd car and my 2nd Z now I just got back form my local z shop and I am told that my rear differential mount is broken . My questions are can I drive this car as a daily driver? Is the mount replaceable . Is this a big issuse I should fix asap?

Sorry for the novice questions I just got into Z.My z

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moustache bar. easily replaceable. replace it.

nice z.
Yes, easily done!

You can do it yourself and save some dough. Is it the front mount insulator or the rear mustache bushings? Easy Sat. project

Where in Ca are ya?
if it's the front get the msa solid...or arizonazcar.com mount...solid and will never break....looks pretty snazzy uner there too!
You over paid??? She looks good but I have no clue how she runs so maybe your right. Don't sweat it, there not bad to do as already mentioned. Body sure looks solid on it. Are the floor pans & frame rails just as solid?

well seeing as he already said "rear differential mount",,,,i figured it's the moustache bar. if he had said "front differential mount",,,,i probably would have suggested the solid one also.
Fix it NOW. You can break u joints on driveshaft and halfshafts, put forces on the transmission etc.

You have to fix it anyway, so don't wait
1sweet_280Z is right. In fact, I'd check your U Joints to make sure nothing happened to them.


Reads post :){) "rear diff. mount is broken"

I concur, you should remove & replace as soon as possible to prevent furthur damage to the front mount or drivetrain.
Hey guys thanks for the replys :) . Is this what I need to get
.So what I need to get is a new moustache bar ? Local z shops tells me to get one at a dealer but I cant afford that right now. I would rather get one from MSA.com .I cant seem to find a moustache bar at msa can some one help me and provied me a link to it so I can order it :D

Oh and the car runs rich and no rust anywhere, 4 sp stock.
also am Located in Los Angeles :D .

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the one in the picture is the "bling bling bar", otherwise known here at the zcar foum as the "TripleB"

if you get that i will praise you forever, cause that thing looks GOOD...but thats no where near what the stock one looks like. too bad huh?
you can get that one but you dont need it. Just replace the mustache bar bushings. You should be able to get them from MSA or Vicoria British. Go with the urethane ones, they will tighten things up and last longer too.
'you can get that one but you dont need it.'

I agree I have ~425 Hp and stock mustache holds fine. I do have it beefed some, but I had over 300 on stock no problem soo save your money.
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