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Re: 77 Rear Defrost doesn't work

> I once asked this question, and it seems to
> be fairly uncommon to find one that works,
> at least on the 70-78's. It usually isn't
> just a few breaks which could be repaired,
> but a complete breakdown of the grid
> material. I've never heard from anyone who
> has a solution for this, other than to
> replace the glass (big bucks!) Or perhaps
> you could find a stick-on aftermarket grid
> that would fit pretty well. In my case, I
> find that the window louvers do a pretty
> good job of keeping the glass free of dew
> and frost.

Another cheesy way I've heard to address this problem (instead of replacing repairing the rear glass) is to mount a 12 volt electric warm air blower aimed up/down at the glass. I would imagine just tapping the 12 volts off the rear glass to supply the blower (the blower is about the size of a third break light and can be mounted on the hatch) will be ideal.
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