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Re: News about the NEW HOROWITZ Book YET???

> I became very intrigued by this, and decided
> to call up Fisher Books ( Arizona,
> (520)744-6110 ) to find out what the story
> was. They claimed there was no truth to this
> one of many rumors that had been propagating
> about this book...

Might well be true. I've contacted several bookstores in the Bay area, and they all told me the book was unavailable, and had no idea when it was to go into print. I also had an order with amazon.com, and they sent me an e-mail several days later claiming the book was not in print, and did not know when it would. I cancelled my order at this time. Guess I'll believe them when the book is in the store.

> ... and that it was still scheduled to be
> published in mid to late December.

I hope so. I'm getting tired of hearing it's published, and then not seeing it.

> There seems to be a cover photo for the book
> on the amazon.com site, and they actually
> have a few reviews of the book
> there. I don't know what the situation is
> with that, whether they're talking about the
> old or new versions, etc.. I'm just
> reporting what the Fisher representative
> told me a few minutes ago.

I think this is from I said earlier. They made a pilot run of the books (I can't verify this, but it is what I was told), and then stopped due to some spelling errors or something. This might be why you were allowed to order this book in March. I think the reviewer is one of the lucky people to get the mispelled new version. I tried ordering this book from my local Barnes & Noble also, to see if they could get it. When I placed my order,the book came up in the computer as scheduled to publish in mid-novemeber. After 2 weeks and no word, I contacted Barnes & Noble, and they informed me they had no idea when it would be published. They contacted the publisher at this time, and THEY said that the publisher said they would not be printing this book at this time. Don't ask me why they tell me this, it's just the information I was told. It just seems as if nobody knows what's going on. Hard to believe that a book can be that hard to publish. If they aren't scheduled to publish until Dec, then they shouldn't say you could order it yet. Just my opinion, would save alot of confusion and anxiety.

> How long was the old version?

about 280 pages from what i understand. Of course I've yet to see an old version. This is what one of my 510 friends told me.
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