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Re: Horrific Fuel Milage

The 77 doesn't have an O2 sensor.
It could be a few things - thermo temp sensor, AFM , bad electrical connections.
I would clean the connections on the temp sensor, and bullet connectors
about 12 in. up the wire. Phantom has written this up many times .
Also if the F.I. system doesn't receive the proper voltage from the battery
these cars will run like ****.
I would go through the connections starting at the battery, clean them and
the grounds as well. Also clean the fusible link connections.
This is the cheapest method and usually works pretty well.
Also while your at it check the vacuum hoses too.
After 20 yrs corrosion sets in . This is natures way of saying I need some TLC.
Change plugs, oil, dist cap & wires if needed.
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