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Re: corvette rear end conversion update

> What was the purpose of the conversion? Not
> trying to be rude, so don't take this the
> wrong way, but it sounds like a lot of work
> to get new rear end, just to save 35
> pounlds. That's right. I talked to someone
> this afternoon, and he said the weight
> diffrence is between 30 and 35 lbs.

One of the main purposes of this conversion would be to obtain positive traction. One other main benifit would be that there are commonly available gearsets for a lot less with a large variety of ratios to choose from. The decrease in weight is a fringe benifit.

> The LSD from Nismo will never break on you,
> and if you have a car that is breaking rear
> end components, I would be more concerned
> with the structural integrity of my car,
> than wasting $2000 on my rear
> end.

> Chris Behney
> Redline Autosports

This particular individual (not me) was kind enough to share his experience with me. The list requested that I pass on any info I got so I replied to the list with the two posts that were emailed to me directly. This conversion cost him $2000. It might not cost that much. I guess it all depends on ones resources and the determination to do it. The '80-82 corvette unit is supposed to be a aluminum dana 44 unit. I believe you can buy a variety of gear ratios for this setup for less than $200. The unit should also already have a posi. I personally have located a source that would sell the unit for less than $400. This is a good reason to pursue all avenues before a decision is made.
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