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re: 79ZX suspension work...(long)

Back from Mom's this past Sunday. Odometer sez 962 miles from my front door
to hers. Got a total trip mpg of a bit over 20. The rebuilt suspension, basically stock
'cept fer new poly bushings everywhere and Tokicos and shortened front springs.
(I'm a sucker fer a bit of that muscle car look, sorry). This car handles sweet as **** for
a road trip! Not a sports car ride as much as an excellent GT feel and handling....
The feel of the road lends a very confident/positive sorta stealthy
attitude to the driver...Passing large vehicles was awesome, even with the high winds they seemed invisible to the car, no buffetig etc....Traffic was
a challenge Wednesday night going south down the Valley. It was sorta murky, wet, no fog thankfully, a bit on the way back however. Lotsa people on the road, much more than last year and we saw over the 4 day holiday almost two dozen wrecks along the 1800 mile trip. These road warrior types and their SUV's!!! Musta been a
$250,OOO worth of broken road warrior type vehicles, saw one that was pulling a trailer. The trailer was completely demolished, not even a wall standing! A brand new Explorer looked like it had rolled several times. On the way back just past Barstow it was raining REALLY hard, puddling on the road. We're hydroplaning at 70 so I slow her down a bit more and this large group of SUV packrats passes at
about 85+ Couple miles further down the road and one of 'em laying on it's side
the other right side up but looked like it had rolled. Those big tanks are not invincible! If you own one don't underestimate road conditions! Couldn't run as I wanted to this year, did have some fun, squeeked in a hour on 93 between Kingman and sun city at about 95mph cruisin'. I-10 was packed, even I-40 was busy.....
Only car trouble was the distributor bearing going bad just outside of Tucson, managed to get to Moms but the rotor was eating the distributor cap and the
stator was leaving all sorts of small metal chunks in there.Called around Friday AM and found a place that was open. At Beep Beep Got a used distributor that really looked new inside for $75. It was in a '81 zx but had '83 Maxima in yellow paint written on it. An exact fit, even the Vacumn advance didn't leak. So if you've read this far, anybody know the differencebetween the 79' stock xz dist. and an '83 Maxima?

Overall great trip, took longer due to weather and traffic than last year and my girlfriends weak bladder (sorry, Donna)... Saw only a few other Z cars and those were
in the cities, not a single one out on the road...
More road trips planned for after the first of the year.

Biggest bummer was finding my 17 year old nephew driving some sorta mid 80's BMW sedan that my brother bought him to drive to school and to work flipping burgers!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Best find was seeing my sisters son who is doing well on his own. Bought a set of pioneer 12 500 watt subs from him fer $50! Sounds killer, I may be an old gheezer but I do love my RocknRoll!!

Sorry fer getting so wordy..
Can't wait fer our next trip to somewhere...

Regards, BobW
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