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random road trip question...

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Which is a "nicer" or more enjoyable ride?
NJ to Minnesota or
NJ to Georgia

random question I know.. But For shits and giggles I wanna go to A Microsoft Store <<< as dorky as that sounds.. the closest one is in IL, the next is GA and then MN.. but I figure If I'm gonna go out towards the Mid west I might as well see the mall of America.. no?

Even if you're not familiar with the entire route, little bits and pieces along the way are helpful..

Looking to stretch my legs mostly.. haven't seen much of the country and was just givin the green light to go exploring this summer
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Take the bus.
you're no fun lol
Well, lived in MN for 20 plus years so naturally I would go there.
That said, Keep going west until you get to the Rockies and turn left into Yellowstone Park.
The real living starts there.
I agree with dream team but go over the Rockies from 4th of July pass down into WA then go south along the Colombia to Astoria, then head south to California go up through Nevada into Utah, from Utah to the Dakotas and from their MN and then head back East, if ya drive mostly it'll take about 2 weeks round trip.
So.. From NJ to MN, From MN to the Rockies into WA, go south down to California, head through Nevada, Utah up to the Dakotas and then back into MN and head back east? Kinda an odd loop there lol
Odd yes.... But the scenery is worth more
then a googleplex of words. Take it from a guy who has made the trip for 20 years from WA-Mane. I also been on drives south to centeral CA to NV.
Here is your fun route. NJ to Muskegon, MI.
Across lake mi to Milwaukee, WI on.lake-express
Then mall of America to sault sainte marie mi.
Then sault sainte marie to ether Detroit /windsor ontario to Buffalo ny
Then back to nj. Or forget Canada take Cleavland route.
Buffalo route has Nigeria falls.
Cleveland route has rock hall of fame.
ANY drive which has a direction OUT of NJ is an enjoyable drive...
you're bad... lol
Sorry, but I disagree with the above and suggest you head SOUTH.

Take the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way down. Hit the Tail of The Dragon at Deals Gap. Smoky Mtns are awesome.

Anyone that tells you to drive across the Midwest and telling you how fun and beautiful it is probably has a bridge for sale and that is coming from someone that currently lives in the Midwest. I've lived all over the country from South Carolina to Seattle to DC to Atlanta to Colorado to San Francisco to Indianapolis. Follow the Appalachian Mtns south and make sure you are in your Z. If you take the backroads, you will be loving life and your Z will be loving the turns.
I've heard of the tail of the dragon and Intend to visit it on my rice rocket one day.. and as far as the Z goes, not a question that she's my vehicle of choice :)
Click thru the following links to get an idea of what the BRP is all about.

At the southern end, there are still lots of fun roads to explore as you head toward Atlanta.

I've done portions of the drive, but doing the entire drive in the Z is on my bucket list.
that just looks Awesome!
As much as I love the West the problem is to get there you have to drive across the Plains which is a 1 day endeavour even at an average of 70mph. Add to that you have to drive across PA, OH, IN and IL to even get to the Plains and the Blue Ridge Parkway, Deals Gap and shooting over to say Savannah and or Charleston looks alot mroe bearable. I've driven from DC to western MT on several occasions, first night in Indianapolis, second night in Siuox Falls, third night in Billings then 6 hrs to Missoula, it's a haul.
I would do the NJ to Minnesota & pass through NY state on the way over. Check out Alleghany State park. There are some nice twisty roads that tranverse the park. Went through there one time coming from Columbus, Ohio into Canada via Buffalo entrance in a 79ZX. Was a really nice drive through that area just where 66 ends below Alleghany.
I would go south on the Blue Ridge Parkway, you won't regret it.
go from NJ To Denver Colorado then go south towrds sanfran within 24hrs. IT CAN BE DONE! Though you gotta travel nonstop hauling cross the dessert avoiding Jhonny Law and a pair of bull dozers. I know its the same route that was in vanishing point but its worth a try.
jaket2K9 said:
go from NJ To Denver Colorado then go south towrds sanfran within 24hrs...I know its the same route that was in vanishing point but its worth a try.
No it's not. Try again. Vanishing point was on the 'old road' from CO to CA in the Bay area with some very strange detours to get the various shots they took. One being the senic I70 scenes where they dumped the cops on bikes... but I digress.

Anybody averaging only 70mph across the plains is a masochist...
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