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R200 posi?

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Did the 78 280Z come with an optional posi rear end? If so, how can I tell?
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Nope, no first or even second generation came with an LSD. 87-89 Turbo models did.
Take the car out of gear, jack the back of the car up, and spin one of the back wheels by hand. If they turn oppisite directions it's an open diff, if they spin the same way you have a LSD(aka posi).
Nismo offered a LSD REar end that your where able to order thru you nissan dealership and have installed. Quite expensive but I have run across a couple. They also had multiple gear ratio's available. I have one right know on a special orderd black pearl. It is a rust bucket but it had all the reciepts from the day it was new. In the reciepts I found the dealers sales agreement showing a LSD 4:40 Rear end for $900.00 plus $100 to install. This car was loaded up at the dealer and the final price out the door was almost 13k new in 1978. It is a shame that the person didn't take better care of it.

Presion Gear. 605.00 for a LSD center section.

EVERY S30 Z was available with a FACTORY INSTALLED LSD in NON-US (North American) Markets.

It is these parts that provided the basis for the NISMO offerings here inthe States from day one...

it's a viscous LSD, then they will spin opposite ways, just like an open diffy...

Then you have to find the tag, or open it up to tell...
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