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question about turbo performance

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i replaced my turbo and in doing so,had to cut through the tube that goes off the the turbo into the downpipe......i guess i didnt seal it back up right cuz my car isnt idling right....is this because i dont have a good seal on that tube? thanks!
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you cut the oil tube?
which tube?
no, he cut the EGR...just put a plate on the egr on the manny and plug the DP with a pipe plug.
you're right bama!
it was the egr....my question is.....if theres an opening...meaning theres a slice through it where i put the stuff back together....will it affect idling/performance?
If you left the pipe as is and didn't plug up the EGR, then it's going to be a source for a leak and will cause your Z to idle rough. Best thing is to do as mentioned above by plugging up the EGR with a plate, or weld the tube back together in case you have to have it to pass emissions inspections.
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