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Question about Subframe bushings

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I know that pretty much every Z needs them replaced.. My question is with what? the 4 options that i have found are replacing them with OEM, replacing them with Urethane(?), Going solid (like these http://www.z1motorsports.com/product_info.php?products_id=144) or getting bushing collars (Like these: http://www.z1motorsports.com/product_info.php?products_id=1374).. I'm assuming going OEM is a bad idea being that they will fail again, and I have this gut feeling that the collars are a short term band-aid solution.. So my question basically is Urethane or Solid? Anyone have any insight as to one over the other?
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Probably urethane. Though I heard it cracks under high heat. I don't know if they are exposed to any on the subframe though.
the only heat that i can think of would be ambient from road surface (If it ever gets warm again), ambient from the Exhaust, and maybe heat from the differential?
I use urethane bushings for my steering and have had no problems.
know where i can find a set?
You shouldnt have any issues with urethane bushings. They are generally stiffer than stock rubber, and dont ever fail. The heat wont be an issue at all for them. You could very easily use stock ones, but people usually choose urethane over stock because of the involvement in replacing them, and would prefer to not have to go back and do it again. But in theory the stock ones have lasted what? 15ish years?? and they usually fail after about 120k so.
Reading a How too it seems like a PITA to get them in and out.. So I would lean towards urethane over OEM.. What i'm really curious about is the Solid metal ones... To my limited understanding it would eliminate needing to replace them period.. But.. at what cost?
Just buy the polyurethane ones and be done with it.

It really wasn't hard, and I had it done in like 3 hours my first time if I remember correctly. And that was me taking my time and doing things very slowly.

If you buy solid metal ones, you will never get them wrapped around the steering rack, and I would bet you'd feel every little bump in your steering wheel.
Now that you've mentioned it I'm gonna look into the steering rack ones.. But my main inquiry was about the bushings around the Differential.
ah, gotcha.
The differential bushings and subframe bushings are 2 different items. Diff bushings are cake. the 2 bushings for the diff that are located in the back horizontal part of the subframe can be a pain to do with it in the car, but i've done it many many times without issues. It IS easier to do differentials with the subframe dropped, and removal of the subframe takes about the same amount of time as removal of the diff with the subframe in the car.

I dont think they make solid differential bushings. however, with solid subframe bushings i know you're going to have lessened ride quality as there is nothing to help absorb the road vibrations to the car. You'll be relying solely on the shocks/tires for that at this point. I've also heard from some guys on tt.net that solid bushings have caused issues with those using leadergears. Now if you dont give a **** about shattering your spine going over a piece of gravel or how the car rides, then go for it, they'll never fail.
Ah.. Now it all makes sense.. i that thought they were one in the same.. and was lead to believe this way from a write up on it http://www.yugobernie.com/images/SubFrame_Bushings/Guide/ES_Diff_Install.pdf
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