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Well after a month of waiting for the title, my 77 is now taged insured and in my name. I think it also has brain damage. The other night I kicked it in the ECU and it took off like a spanked dog. In the month it was in my garage getting loads of new parts put on it, it would run inconsistently, either it would run like a bear or it would smoke and sputter and go nowhere.

I have changed the oil twice in about 3miles during the last month due to the smell of gas in the oil. I assume this flooding is happening during those sputtering episodes (smoke like you couldn't imagine) when I can't get it to run or restart. Is this correct.

So my question would be:

Is there any chance of flooding after the key is turned off. I assume the injectors shut down, right???

Thanks again.


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The only chance of flooding when the car is off occurs if your injectors are leaking when in the closed position. The FI system normally holds the operating pressure for a period of time so it is full of fuel. If your injectors don't close properly when power is off, that fuel will dump into the engine.
If you kicked the ECU and it ran OK, you probably need to replace it. A Nissan mechanic told me that trick one time. He said if I kick the ECU or slap it with my hand and the car suddenly runs better, it is time for a new one. How is that for a diagnostic?
There are really only 3 things that are CRUCIAL to the running of the car: air flow meter, coolant temperature sensor and ECU.
Also, make sure that your cold start valve is not leaking.

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