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pulling to right when braking?

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My 83 280zx has been braking fine until yesterday. I hit the brakes and the dove off to the right. It was all I could do to keep the car in my lane. I had no gradual warning of the car pulling upon braking. Of course now, soon as I start to apply the brakes the car immediatly starts to pull.

My thoughts are (tell me if I am wrong) that my left caliper is not clamping properly.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

83 ZXT (recently converted)
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Your thoughts are correct....

....Unless the Right side has worn the pads through to the metal and the rotor is 'toast'

Any weird grinding - scraping noise?
Check pads
Check rotors
Bleed brakes
Turn Steering wheel to the left when braking:) Just kidding...........

bushings can also affect pulling when braking.
The T/C rod on the right side has most likely broken loose from the frame. The T/C rod mounts were problem areas on ZXs.
Whats a T/C rod?
its the rod that goes from the bottom of the stut tower to a place on the frame at an angle... a long metal rod...
I had this problem with urethane bushings and the T/C rods, but after it broke, that car wanted to pull that direction all the time, and even worse when applying brakes.

I have a rebuilt caliper leaking on the right rotor causing to pull left.
With the ZXs its best to go with stock bushings for the TC rods.
found the problem, thanks

Thanks all for the help.

I got under ther last night and it turns out the nut at the end of the T/C rod came off.

Thanks again,
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