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Pulled motor

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Just got home. I pulled the motor out of my project. First time for me. Things went well. I'm starting to understand the way these cars are built.
Tearing apart is always easier than going back together, I know. I'm still satisfifed with what I did today. Thought I'd share.

Prolly take the rest of the stuff out of the engine bay and start cleaning for paint.
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right on, yea i learned alot by tearing the whole dash out and rewireing it all....
Just finished putting mine back together, Just a bit of advice. Take your time with when loosening any bolts, especially the ones around the inlets. They snap off pretty easy. Take lots of pics ( for reference) , and separate/label everything. Ziploc bags and a marker work well. A good manual is a must.
Yeah, I'm trying to use Wick Hummbles book. I have a FSM. Took the camera today and notes. I do have a 78 I bought new as a referance too.
Someday the two will make one nice one.
Who needs a manual to rip out a motor on these cars? Just label, and if you don't know what the part is called, be like "Bolts for Trumpet Looking Thing" :-D

When I take my motor out and put my new one in, rewire, etc...I'm totally going in without a manual lol This should be fun.

The last 77 I had, had an absolutely perfect body, and a brand new motor imported from Japan. Well I was selling it for $100 and there was NO way in **** the buyer was getting the brand new motor with it, so I started pulling it, and labeling ALL the wires...then I was like, what the ****, I ain't keepin the body, screw them, let THEM figure out the wires lol
Crap! I didn't even label anything! I'm doing good so far, though. If the bolt fits, it works!
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