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problem getting started

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i just recently bought a 1985 300zx 2+2 manual. the next morning, which was cold, it had a hard time starting. first i though it had a fire issue. checked that out and no problem. next i checked fuel and all is working. maybe injectors? was curious for any input. when i go to crank it will fire initially after the fuel pump runs for a few seconds but then just turns over. i have to try a couple times before it will start to fire and gradually start.
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Could be number of different things. Air regulator, CHTS(cylinder head temp sensor), Fuel pressure issue. You need to run diags laid out in the FSM to find out. Test your fuel pressure first.
You need to MEASURE your fuel pressure, it is not enough to see some "leaking out." NK
vacuum leak or fuel pressure would be the first things to check. as nrkel said you need a number not a guess. pic is a rig you can make for under $20 goes between teh filter and teh fuel ring.


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im having a similar issue and im getting pressure also. but mine starts then dies in about 10 secs. when i have had your current problem i had to have my injectors replaced. im hoping thats not your case but someone here can help you out with more knowledge. let me know how that turns out so i can trouble shoot my issues.....good luck!
My chts caused issues like that after an engine swap.,found it running the diagnostics as previously suggested
RogerZ has, as of 2115 on Jan 7th 2011, 2034 posts. 2031 of these posts consist or include, "Check your fuel pressure getting an ACTUAL reading. Make yourself a fuel pressure guage like this one [insert picture]."
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