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> Lots of messages here about HP and how to
> get more. Has anyone out there thought to go
> the other route to making their Z faster by
> lightening it?

I have, on my '83...

> With the early GTI and
> Scirocco, losing about 7lbs is akin to
> gainig 1hp. How light can you make a street
> 280Z?

... which weighs around 2800lb, roughly the same as the 280Z, according to the published specs.

> As I strip my Z, I'm thinking lots of the
> stuff I'm taking off will not be re
> installed. Bumpers, various trim pieces,
> straps, the sh*t on the floors that looks
> like tar in pre-cut pieces, speakers, power
> antenna, stereo and amp. And the nuts and
> bolt and washers etc.

> That should maybe take 150lbs off the car,
> what else should I be looking at? The spare
> drivers door that I have is %[email protected][email protected] heavy!
> Is the door off a 240Z any lighter? Hood?
> Hatch?

> If someone has gone this route before, I'd
> be interested to hear how much weight you've
> lost off your Z. Thanks!

The proper way to lighten the car is to completely strip it down to the bare unibody, take everything off, and then only put back what is absolutely needed. You can, I'm sure, lose an amazing amount of weight this way. ( This includes replacing any components that you _do_ need, with lighter equivalents, such as fiberglass, aluminum, composites, etc. )

I think I once calculated that with just removing raw weight off the car, without totally stripping it, I might save around 200 pounds. Then I stopped to think, hey, wouldn't it be much more FUN, and the car much more liveable, if I just concentrated my attention on increasing the power of the motor. This is Central Texas, and I need the air conditioning, and d*mn anyone who says otherwise ( just to take an isolated example. ) An increase of 10 percent in power would more than compensate for losing less than 10 percent of the weight of the vehicle ( that would in the process make my life miserable for most of the year. )

I suggest you concentrate on increasing the power of your car, and only once you've found some weight that reduces your effectiveness _in_competition_, start pulling stuff off here and there.

Doug Dawson
[email protected]

Just say, In the meantime lets go on a diet _ourselves_, heh heh. Etc.
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