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> I have, on my '83...

> ... which weighs around 2800lb, roughly the
> same as the 280Z, according to the published
> specs.

> The proper way to lighten the car is to
> completely strip it down to the bare
> unibody, take everything off, and then only
> put back what is absolutely needed. You can,
> I'm sure, lose an amazing amount of weight
> this way. ( This includes replacing any
> components that you _do_ need, with lighter
> equivalents, such as fiberglass, aluminum,
> composites, etc. )

> I think I once calculated that with just
> removing raw weight off the car, without
> totally stripping it, I might save around
> 200 pounds. Then I stopped to think, hey,
> wouldn't it be much more FUN, and the car
> much more liveable, if I just concentrated
> my attention on increasing the power of the
> motor. This is Central Texas, and I need the
> air conditioning, and d*mn anyone who says
> otherwise ( just to take an isolated
> example. ) An increase of 10 percent in
> power would more than compensate for losing
> less than 10 percent of the weight of the
> vehicle ( that would in the process make my
> life miserable for most of the year. )

> I suggest you concentrate on increasing the
> power of your car, and only once you've
> found some weight that reduces your
> effectiveness _in_competition_, start
> pulling stuff off here and there.

> Doug Dawson
> [email protected]

> Just say, In the meantime lets go on a diet
> _ourselves_, heh heh. Etc.

I know texas It hot and sticky there u need air there I know I use to live out side of houton. Spring tx and the heat was ouches and sticky
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