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power stearing cap

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My power stearing cap isn't sealing tight, causing me to loose. Fluid and pressure making stearing tuff. Do anyone know where to get one local (atlanta) autozone don't carry them
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Not sure the cap is your issue? They all leak a little bit -- not suppose to seal the reservoir tight. If you've got fluid pushing out of the tank in any great amounts -- I'm thinking something else is going on?

If you really need a new cap -- probably easiest to get one from a local dealer and/or one of the on-line sites like Z1motorsports, CZP, etc.
You may be right, I just had the hoses replaced but before that it worked fine but leaked a lot, now after replacing the hoses incuding the high pressure one, I get no leaks that I know of but the steering is tight even when adding fluid, I'm thinking the guy may have missed something when changing the high pressure hose
btw, I guess you already know that your z uses dextron not power steering fluid.
yea i know that part already but thanks lol
This is a ghetto but neat idea I have used before. If the inner plastic seal on a cap goes bad, You can make a new one. Clean the inside of the cap thoroughly. Then use a hot glue gun to quickly make a thin bead all the way around. With the glue still hot, put the cap on real fast. Wait 5 or ten minutes for the glue to cool. Test it for leaks. If no leaks, remove cap and remove excess glue. If it still leaks, try again. That should get you not leaking until you find another at a junkyard or just buy a new dress up one.
I wouldnt suggest doing that. Hot glue gun's glue has such a low melting temperature that normal engine operating heat will melt the glue. Probably wouldnt happen, but you run the risk of dripping glue into your PS fluid. its 25 bucks for a new one from nissan, they dont have any special function or seal in them, so an autoparts store one will do just fine too.

If you're leaking fluid out the cap you either have too much fluid in your reservior or the fluid is heating up too much and expanding or in extreme cases boiling.
Glue GUN! OMG... just buy a new cap & move on....
To add to Lum's point is the PS fluid is contaminated ( blended fluids, oxidation from pump shavings...GLUE GUN BLOBS etc etc ) the boiling point will lower....
Every 6 months I take a turkey baster and remove all the fluid from the can & replace it.
PLUS clean the screen & bottom of the can...

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