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power rack and pinion rebuild?

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Mine is leaking ever more. I was thinking of a seal kit. It's for my '83 turbo zx. Basically the rack was loose and had to be tightened down. But that was done to late I guess and now the thing leaks. I also have worn tie rod ends so this may have been a contributing factor. I will have the motor out of the car for a while and will have easy access to the devil. Where do I get a rebuild kit? what does it consist off? and how hard is it to rebuild?

keep in mind I have a basic concept of the beast. I have not however, ever torn a rack down. The arms are able to move vertically in the rack causing the leak.

thanks guys
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Cost me less than $300.00 CDN for a rebuilt one with a waranty. Change the rack mount insulators while you are at it.

Engine out, it is a piece of cake.
$200 for rebuilt one here in Texas.......
I rebuilt the R&P in my 83' 280ZX and it was easy. I just had to follow the instructions in the factory Nissan service manual.

I bought the following parts from Courtesy Nissan:

R&P seal kit Part # 49297-W1426 Cost $6.97
R&P end cover seals Part # 49522-D0325 Cost $28.93
1 quart of Trany fluid

Make sure to fill insides of seals [where seal rides on rack], with any type of grease. This helps to extend their life.
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