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Possible to take the entire rear of a 280z,and stick it in a 240z?

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I want to put the entire assembly,strut housing,diff,control arms. and stick it in my 240z.

Minus the struts and springs, since my 240z has performance ones.

Will my 240z springs/struts fit in a 280z housing?

I know people just swap diffs, but never heard of somone swapping in the whole rear suspension/brakes/knuckles/arms/ mustache/ etc.

AND can my performance 240z sway bar fit onto the 280z rear?

73 240z------------------77 280z

thing is, i have a 77 with all new urethane bushings,r200 new spindle pins, cheaper rear wheel cylinders, just found out my 240z rear wheel cylinders are 50 bucks a peice!.

Good thing about the rear of my 240z is, lowering springs and performance struts and sway bar.

Both z's have msa perf. brake pads.

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Yes, but...

YOu need new strut cartridges, as the 280Z units are shorter, unless you want to hack the spacers on the ones you have....

YOu may simply want to swap the assemblies by pulling the spindle pin, but if the 240 has bad brakes, it doesn't solve your problem...

I have a 78 rear end under the back of my 73, and the ride height was tall. I ended up trimming the upper shock mount to lower it back to normal height for my tastes.

But all the stuff is a bolt-on, and most of it interchanges...

For your swaybar it matters how it's mounted. If it goes around the back of the diffy, then probably will. The stock bar configuration should also. I swapped a 78 swaybar into my 73 and used the stock mounts with urethane bushes.

The A-Arms are identical, and the pieces that come from the floor to the rear diffy mount are identical, the only sticking point may be if the pumpkin (diffy) hits the bar, determined by where it crosses the rear of the suspension and how high up on those downcoming pieces from the floor to the rear x-member.

Happy Swapping!
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Re: Possible to take the entire rear of a 280z,and stick it in a

Sure. 280 strut bodies are taller and wider. If redoing all with coil-overs then this would not be any particular problem plus the 280 rear stub axles are stronger then your current 240's . Have fun with this swap. Everything I read now from you indicates that you are finally getting SERIOUS about your "Hands On" mechanical skill and willingness to make your ride a great one. Goodluck.
Re: Possible to take the entire rear of a 280z,and stick it in a

Tony D, when you installed the 280 under your 240, how much taller did it set? Did the tires set straight?, meaning not leaning inward or outward. I need to increase the height of my 240. Thanks
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