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> I am trying to pinpoint possible reasons as
> to why my engine performance is not up to
> par. First off, here list of minor jobs done
> on it recently:
> 1) Basic tune-up (plugs, cap & rotor,
> air/fuel filter, oil change, canister
> filter)
> 2) Replaced noisy fuel pump with
> remanufactured pump, no change in
> performance.
> 3) Replaced fried Oxygen Sensor, noticed
> minor difference.
> 4) Replaced PCV valve (clogged), noticed no
> difference.
> 5) MSD Blaster coil on stock ignition
> 6) Complete use of Prolong lubricants (oil
> additive, fuel cleaner, transmission fluid,
> etc.)

> Many of these helped, but there was still a
> major lacking in engine performance. Here
> are a few things I have noticed:
> 1) From idle, it hesitantly reacts to the
> throttle, it seems the gas isn't quickly
> being burned right when the gas is pushed
> ... ignition problem or fuel injection???
> 2) The low-end performance is quite
> sluggish, it accelerates like my parents
> crappy Geo Prizm
> 3) Will give a minor boost at around 20 - 25
> mph if floored (after pressing the gas, car
> delays for about 2 seconds, then quickly
> revs up and lunges forward), but the engine
> power disappears again at about 35 - 40 mph.
> 4) All driving ranges it appears that the
> engine just can't get wound up very quickly
> 5) The car puts out black smoke only
> occasionally or in small amounts (collection
> of smoke on exhaust tip)
> 6) Engine had a tendancy to flood if not
> allowed to warm up in very cold weather.
> 7) Fuel seems to always burn too rich, even
> after replacement of Oxygen Sensor
> 8) Gas pedal seems loose, will tightening
> throttle cable make the pedal
> feel new again?
> 9) Vacuum pressure seems fine
> 10) Mechanic mentioned that valve seals seem
> to be a little worn, and that I am burning
> oil
> 11) If valve cover is removed, there are
> dried oil deposits around the cam and stuff

> Lastly, once I had the thing running on only
> 5 of 6 cylinders for a few days (spark plugs
> were very fouled), and I am concerned that
> the unburned fuel in that unactive cylinder
> could have moved into my catalytic converter
> and possible damaged it (I don't know if
> this is possible, but I have heard that it
> can happen). I sure would hate to remove
> that cat, but I think I just might have
> to...

> Sorry about the novel here, but I need some
> advice because i'm new to this car stuff
> being only 19. Thank you for your time and
> help.

This sugesstion is illegal, and I am only suggesting it, it is nothing I personally have ever done to a car (wink, wink, nudge nudge). Take the catylitic sp (should be held on by 4 bolts in front, for in back)off and proceed to hollow it out by jamming a pipe thru it. I realize that this is quite crude, but it works, or so I heard. It did wonders for my '79zx errr, I mean my buddies car, yeah thats it.
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