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Re: Check the exhaust flow

> Well, the engine has performed sluggish ever
> since I got it a year ago. I doubt it's the
> catalytic converter, so i'll check in more
> obvious places first. I had timing done on
> it once, and that didn't change things much
> (then again, I had a friend in autoshop
> check it for me), maybe I will get the
> timing looked at again.

> Another thing I forgot to mention in my
> first post, engine seems to take FOREVER to
> warm up, could it be the thermostat?

> Thanks.

This is a crude cat test, but if it's really clogged, you should be able to notice. Have someone rev the engine while you have your hand in back of the exhaust pipe. I've actually seen a zx that was so clogged in the cat that you could hardly feel the exhaust when reved up.

It sounds like you wouldn't have missed this if so obvious, but... just thought I'd mention it.

After 15 or twenty years, these cats can become pretty limiting. I decided to check mine when I changed the tranny. I poured about a half a cup of crap out of it. Then it mysteriously got a hole in it. HUGE difference in performance. And mine didn't appear to be clogged.

Anyway, it's not difficult to remove, you really should at least pull it and check it.

My two cents,

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