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Re: Police Intereceptor Z maybe, but not a turbo.

> Hey,
> Just wondering if Zs have every been used as
> police cars? I saw someone in here say that
> their car was originally a police
> interceptor. I'm from California, and every
> police car I have ever seen is an American
> car. Just wondering to what extent (if any)
> Zs have been used as police cars?

It is possible that various police units had the Z as a car. But, from what I heard from police, and seen with my own eyes, I have good reason to firmly believe that they would not have turbos.

The Dallas police dept, confinscated a Mustang GT, with a Paxton charger, and a Camaro with a custom twin turbo set up. Both were confinscated at the local races one night, after a huge bust of illegal weapons, at the races. Both cars were 11 second cars, according to the police reports.

The first thing that they did to both cars was remove the chargers. According to the patrol officers my car club has talked too, the chargers are too much maintenaince(?spellling) for the P.D. The dependibility of the cars is taken away, and there are too many more parts for a Police Dept. to deal with. Kinda like solving a problem before it arises.

Although the cars were super fast, the went ahead and removed the chargers, and then used them as highway patrol, and traffic patrol.

I've also seen in the past, in Mustang Magazine, where a Florida P.D. confinscated a few mustangs, and they also removed the chargers off of those cars. Those were also taken from some street racers.

Chris Behney
Redline Autosports
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