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plz delete

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plz delete
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Why is a title needed for an engine?

Approach this with caution, forum members.
Title on the car, AKA Pink slip. Not engine....

Forum members, let me know if my post is unclear.
ok so you want 75 for earlier z car with a non stock engine already installed. I presume the title and 75 is so it can legally be registered in CA (iirc no smog checks on 75 and before, so engine swaps are not frowned on). good luck on your search.
Looking for a swapped SR20DET/RB25DET, 1975 or before, in So. California. Must have title.

Your currently project is welcome, and running condition even better. Willing to pay at least $15000, more or less depending on the condition.

Screen name + gmail.com

I’m currently searching online for one.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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