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plug wire question

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how do those universial kits work? does it come with tool or something to cut and size them. I have never bought plug wires before and dont know much about them besides putting them on.
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I used a universal once, kinda cheezy. Last year I got NGK wires for the Z and they feel great and fit. YMMV.

Ever since I used the Accel yellow 'universal' wires on my 1980 280ZX back in the 80's, I've never trusted them or any other maker that claims 'universal' fit. The ignition is one of if not the most important component in your engine compartment outside the hunk of steel in the middle.

Best wires made:


I'm not affiliated, but have been a happy customer for several years. I have these on all my Z's as well as my other daily drivers. I prefer the KV series, but if you're on a budget the Electrosports are excellent too.

The prices are:

Electrosports-70 7mm cable, part number 6724 - $56.68
Electrosports-80 8mm cable, part number 6024 - $63.73
KV85 8.5mm cable, part number 6524 - $107.18
KV85 CN series 8.5mm cable, part number 6324 - $112.54
R-100 10mm cable, part number 6924 - $146.57
R-100 CN series 10mm cable, part number 6624 - $153.90

For shipping costs, see the bottom of this e-mail.

The 7mm (black) or 8mm (blue) cables
should be fine for a standard unmodified engine, they have very similar
constructions. The KV85 Competition 8.5mm (red) cable is intended for
raced or modified engines - it is not just a bigger diameter cable, the
KV85 8.5mm cable is a different product that has more capabilities for
performance, suppression and heat resistance and can be used on ANY
engine with no problems. The R-100 Racing 10mm (red) cable is the same
basic cable as the 8.5mm and provides the same performance and
suppression, but has a thicker jacket for more extreme temperature
protection and insulation.

The "CN series" cables (which are not available for some applications)
are special versions of our 8.5mm and 10mm cables that provide extra RFI
suppression and are mainly intended for ham radio, CB radio and similar
installations with unusual noise problems; the CN series cables do not
help with most other applications and take longer to ship because CN
series sets are always made to order - they are never in stock.


248-471-9505 (8AM to 5PM USA Eastern time is best, but earlier or later will often work).

USA: Shipping cost to US ZIP codes is $5.00 for most retail orders.

Other destinations: Shipping costs will vary - we can ship anywhere in
the world.

Steve Brown - Magnecor (Michigan, USA)
Telephone: 248-471-9505
Fax: 248-471-9506

Mailing Address:
24581 Crestview
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
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"For the time and trouble it take to make a wire set fit, I would rather let some machine or factory worker do this for me. I have also found these do it yourself kits to be undependable. They pull apart later on." Norm K. I like the NGK wires, myself.
Back in the day....when twisting wrenches at dealerships, we would only replace the bad plug wires. Meaning we had a roll of wire and new metal clamps. We also used the same boots. Yes, there is a special type of plyers to crimp the ends with. Anyone need wire ends for an HEI?
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