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its not on the road yet not until feb 99

this is a 81 280ZX with Turbo with 103K on the engine with a cold engine I could only do it when it was cold it has 120 PSI on every piston also a new turbo

I got this car for $1000 about 2 months
every thing has been great up to a week ago
its getting cold here its been in the 40s and 50s
the gas is in the 1/8 mark at one time in the 0
but I had no gas for it

well about one week ago I started it up and smoke went every where but it went away after running for a while the next day it was fine but the day after it did it again so I just turned it off
and let it set for another 4 days untill I could get gas

now I have the gas and think its better to get out all of the gas and go from there
so I put it in N and push it out of the garage
then I took the fuel filter off and pumped all the the gas out by turning the key
then put it back on and then put about 1/2 tank of gas in then went to start it and it would just turn over and every little bit it would kinda sound like it was starting but would not
so I took a look at the spark plugs lots of gas
and they were clean but as I was doing that one of the spark plug cables broke so today I went and got some new ones installed them and nothing new

next thing I can think of doing is a new coil if that does not fix it then a new
distributor cap or whole new distributor

also when it run bad a week ago after it started to work again I went down my street and as I was leaving my driveway I hit the gas and left black marks going down the street=)

Thanks for reading this big message and putting up with my spelling


Thanks again

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Its White smoke
I think hope its just water in the gas tank I had it below 0 thats why I changed all the gas
the car ran great before so I don't think its the timing until it just went way off in a day
what Im thinking is maybe somthing is lose
today Im going to check every thing I can think of also could shooting gas every where do any thing to it? when I took the fuel filter off gas shoot every where from the air filter to the front window but it was only the gas in the filter but maybe its enough to mess somthing up

this car before this happend would start up on some time the first spin of the engine
so it was running great

thanks for the info
I will get back to you

Jeff 280ZXT

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> Sounds like your fuel pressure regulator may
> be shot. Fuel pressure should be at
> app.32psi with the key in the on position.
> Unplug the vacuum line from the fuel
> pressure regulator, see if it will start.

I took the vacuum line off from the fuel pressure regulator and tried to start it but no luck
also I tried to change the PCV Valve but I can not get it off not enough room after hitting my hand in the intake 5 times I gave up

I had the spark plugs in just alittle and turned it over and gas came out every one so I think the injuctors are good

now about the timing thing
I did not see what you were talking about did I just over look it? is it behind the belts?

also the coil looks pretty old it has alittle rust on the out side of it maybe its not putting out enough voits I do not have the tool to check it maybe some day this week I will get some on


Jeff280 ZXY
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