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> Ok I want to thank everyone out their for
> their suggestions on what I should do with
> my car that I got back from the bodyshop.
> THe Bodyshop is going to fix my car to just
> the way it was before it was wreck which was
> in great Condition.

> OK HERE I what my problem is. My car is a 73
> 240Z with 72 SU whcih are water heated. I
> have an auto Tranny and the 3.54 Diff.

> Ok when it is cold in the morning it takes
> for ever for my car to start and then i have
> to let it warm up to the normal running temp
> before the car is reliable. I know these
> cars are cold natured but that is redicules.
> It takes me about 3/4 mins to get the car to
> idle relaibly. I just had a guy that knows
> about SU tell me I probably Have an Vacum
> leak and it takes a few mins for the metal
> to expand to cover some hole where the leak
> is. I just want to get some peoples advise
> to help me make my old Z run better. COULD
> IT BE my old ignition which is still
> mechanical points or is it just he SU's. I
> have had the Valves adjusted to the right
> specs. WHAT is my problem. MY car will
> backfire threw the SU's so what is my
> problem?

> Dustin Morris

Although my z is fuel injected, I became very intimate with su's in MG,s and Triumph,s.

My advice is either get rid ofthem or rebuild them.

Rebuild kits are cheap and really not difficult to install.

I bought a Clymer shop manual on su's, and it proved invaluable. Check it out.
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Not open for further replies.