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Pics of speaker box

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Was bored a bit ago so made space in my car for some speaker components that i had lying around. Wanted a speaker box for a 10" kicker that i had but still wanted trunk space, so i made a box to fit the rear quarter area out of fiberglass. Never made anything out of fiberglass before so its not the greatest, but it looks alright and it sounds pretty good. Plus I still have a cargo space!
Its ~7 layers of fiberglass and particle board, its pretty sturdy and weighs about 10lbs. Cost about $30 for the fiberglass, and working with it was easier to make then i thought.
Still have to make a grill to cover the sub, and a screen or atleast some metal trim to go around the amp on the carpet.

Ripped out the false floor in the hatch area too.

Area before fiberglassing

Oh, its all invisible from the outside cause of the louvers.

78' 280Z 2+2 - The red headed step-child.

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fiberglass-material of the gods!
Sweet, i like it, could you get some better shots of what you did with the spare wheel well? Did you just cut some sheet metal or what?
OMG!!!!! another 2+2....oh it looks good....
I thought of doing that too but don't have the skillz....
did you remove the plastic side covers on the interior? I cant tell from the pic.

I am planning on doing the same thing with mine except infront of the wheels, and my system is running 1200 watts RMS.
I'm going to make a box that goes into the spare tire area for 1 12". That box weighs 101lbs?! Or was that a typo? Anyway, it looks great!
For the spare tire well I cut aluminum sheet to cover it, its over a frame of aluminum bars to take the weight of anything on top of it. Its screwed down, so i still need to cut out some sort of door on part of it, so i can use the space to store crap like jumper cables and fix-a-flat.

The box was pretty easy with the fiberglass, hardest part was to do the wood cutting and cutting the hole for the sub because the tools i had were crap, but you can buy MDF rings and just make the whole thing out of fiberglass and it would have been easier. It just took me awhile because i didnt know what i was doing and wanted it to fit perfectly.

Cant tell from the picture, but had to cut out the plastic trim that goes in that spot. Cut it up and kept the part that goes around the hatch shock and it runs down to the taillight. All the trim is around the box, just not the part where it is.

280Z SidewayZ - Yeah, i thought about putting 2 10s under the quarter windows and making another sort of directional pod behind the seatbelts to direct 2 6.5s or something for the rears. But well, ah, cheap and easy won. Still gotta figure something for the front.

box is a bit over 10 lbs...

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Nice work man. I've got a custom speaker box sitting in my lifeless Z right now... I haven't been back on the interior in a while now, since I've been working on my engine all the time, but it's taken the place of a large sheetmetal piece that used to have two plastic storage bins in it (factory I think??) and when it's done, I'll have it carpeted to match the interior. I'll get a pic soon if I can.
Very nice !

I like... i think i may borrow your idea ;)
Here is where I have mine.. nothing special though..
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