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Picking out a new Z32

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hey guys i've been looking into getting a 300zx z32. ive found a couple here and there and was looking for some help deciding, also wondering if anybody had some advice.


im gonna take a look at the one above this week.

let me know what you think, also if anybody knows of one for sale that'd be great also.

thanks, nick
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Some of the information is out of date, but here's a bit of info http://www.mdsmarthome.com/z/Z Tech/Z Tech PDF's/300ZX FAQ.pdf
I'd check out that hood closely, doesn't sit flush. Also, back bumper looks "odd" in the reflections. Other than that...get service records for the t-belt & water-pump, injectors and find out if she's ever been hit (don't go by carfax alone, get it on a lift).

Other than that, turbos are a big ticket item...see how much she smokes.
ill check those things out, but other than that what are other things i should keep an eye out for? i dont have much hands on experience or knowledge, only extensive research ive done for about a year. a detailed list would be GREAT,

thanks nick
other than that i would go about the standard used car stuff (engine oil, rust spots, feel of the transmission, that kinda stuff).. Take'm for a spin!
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