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Picked up new car

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It's a 95 LS400. Probably not what yall had in mind. I've been wanting to get a bigger nicer family car for a while. That's right I have 2 kids. I'm only good at a few things & making babies is one of them lol. I sold my 98 Ford Contour SE to my brother yesterday & went & got the LS. It has 155k on it but I have all the service records dating back to 01. Timing belt was done at 92k & then again at 135k. It's not perfect but it's a solid 8/10. It has brand new michelins on it & rides so **** nice. Power everything & it all works. Owner always used synthetic oil & sold it because he bought an 01 LS430. The sweetest part was I was able to keep my Z. I'll post some pictures later. ;)
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Nice car. I almost bought one of those, but I got a bmw 540i instead with the M package. Have fun with the car, its roomy and keeps the family safe. Its pretty fast too with the V8 for being a bigger car. Theres nothing like driving a 300zx, but sometimes you want to be a little more comfortable when you go for a drive and take the family with you. Good Luck
I totaly agree. It's got tons of room. I'm 6'4" & with the seat all the way back I can hardly reach the steering wheel. It's crappy here today but it will be getting a full detail as soon as the weathers better. The Z is nice & fun to zip around in but sometimes you want to ride in luxury lol.
whatever keeps your Z in your garage! congrats on the purchase!
Here the are


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I fell in love with that Lexus when I first played Street Fighter and you had to destroy one of those XD lol!

looks good!
You didn't say how much you paid but it sure looks nice. Good compliment to the Z.
$5250. I've spent the last few days cleaning it up & it looks real good. It wasn't in bad shape before it just needed a good detailing.
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