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i dont know about anyone else but the links arent working
ZsDown, check your links
i could see them on my computer?????
it gives an error "phvrf.yahoo.com could not be found" If they are on a gallery, just post the gallery link instead of the images direct link.
Here is the link not sure if this will work either. I made it shared it to the public so not too sure.

great slideshow, nice work
was this just for rust replacement? or was that all beefing up the frame for racing???

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Awsome job! I'm sure glad I live in Oregon where I don't have to do things like that. Ever think about makinig that your full time job? I'm sure you wouldn't run out of work.
Great job....everyones got to watch it in slideshow....the true
progression from weak to strong floorpan...

Glad I got a solid super minimal rust So. Cali Z when I bought one..
that looks like a lot of work.

Once again...good work.

Z-On ...
wish I had the equipment and knowlege to do this cause I need to do this
Sorry, to get back to you all so late. I only get on late in the day. Anyways, it took me the weekend, started Sat. and Finished Sunday. Really the project was to clean up the rust spots and also to beef up the chassis. I have been wanting to do it for a long time and finally did. One reason I guess that made me do it is because I am taking it to the track come November. Better now then when I am on the track. Anyways, thanks for all the responses. Good luck with your Z's.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
Not open for further replies.