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> I'm getting ready to order some performance
> parts (headers, performance exhaust, ram
> air/k&n set up and the Big Throat throttle
> body) all from Motorsport.

Here are my totally crazy opinions:

headers: go Nissan Motorsports if you must, but this is IMO an over-rated upgrade.

performance exhaust: go Borla if you must, but you increase your chances of pissing off the local enforcement ( this is of paramount importance for freedom of movement. )

ram air: only useful at delightfully high speeds.

K&N filter: sounds good!

Big Throat throttle body: look in the Archives for more information on this, and be prepared to throw out your emissions legality ( depends on where you live. )

> I'd hate to buy
> this stuff and then find out I should have
> gotten something else, so I'd like to
> benefit from you guys who've been
> there, done that. Should I be getting
> any of these parts from somewhere else? Am I
> missing anything, or is there something I
> should be getting instead? Also (go ahead,
> laugh) will my car be considered
> modified after I do all this?

What I would suggest is that you consider ensuring that your suspension is absolutely up to factory-new spec before you contemplate doing anything to the engine compartment. And then, after that, consider doing some performance upgrades to the suspension. This will provide you with much more driving pleasure than anything you've mentioned re. the power train, at least at legal speeds ( whatever that means. ) And most assuredly at grossly higher speeds. Marginal increases in horsepower mean nothing when you're a smudge on the scenery.

Again, just my crazy ( but jaundiced ) opinion.

Doug Dawson
[email protected]
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