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People with good eyes...Intake Manifold

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What is connecting box to head.. looks like the runners have a junction in the middle...

Injectors are way back too.

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it looks to me like a triple carb manifold on the head, and a triple throttle body bolted backward to the carb manifold, with a box connected on the head side of the FI manifold. Seems like a horrible design for fuel injector placement, I would think it'd work better the other way, with the FI manifold on the head and the carb manifold connecting it to the box, but I guess let the dyno tell the verdict.

EDIT: looked at it more closely and then realized if they set it up my way the injectors would be backward. I still think that first manifold (the one on the head) is a triple weber manifold and the second one still looks like a triple throttle body manifold but the friggin injectors are backward. What the ****?

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by the way blue where did you find that? I'd like to find more details.
Looks like TWM TBs to me. expensive but it's probably the best way to go.
yup you guys are right. TWM individual throttle body manifold.

this ones got a different plenum:

It still looks to me like that first piece is a triple carb manifold, and the rest of it is throttle body. Seems to me like it would have been just as easy to make a modified carb manifold to use injectors instead of putting them right after the throttle plate. I guess this way if I want to convert I don't have to buy another manifold...
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Those are TWM's 6 throttle bodies. That set up is for a N/A motor. Us turbo people.... we use an air box that sealed for pressure.
These are mine which are 45mm for each throttle body. At top is the runner, then throttle/inj.unit, then short runners for air box/intake.

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This is Greg M.'s 240Z N/A TWM set up with a carbon fiber air box that he made himself.

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well hey since you've got one, what can you say about the injectors being so far from the intake ports?
actually, moving the injectors further away from the valves improves power, and engineers have found they even want to put them on the other side of the throttle plate....but there's a safety issue with that....as long as the runners are straight enough to avoid centrifugally separating the air/fuel mixture, it's good to move the injectors upstream.
that 240z's turbo stroker is the best L-series engine ever built..

Thanks guys!

Zmonster, I found the pic at <http://www.datperform.com>
Here they are:

I asked Thagard, as he experimented with moving them back closer to the head and he said either place works fine. He discovered the "problem" he was trying to cure moving them close to the head was a bad ECU, not the injector location.
James is always experimenting :)

It's been fun watching his 240Z project over the years.........
how much more power will a setup like that provide over a stock manifold setup ?
yeah so how does one get one of those TWM kits?
Randy, you mean over a stock EFI manifold on a moded engine? a BUNCH!
6 x 45mm = 270mm. Just a little more then the 65mm TWM throttle body that I used to run.
Top End has the TWM kit for $3200.00 but one can get them cheaper... shop around ;) It's not just a simple bolt on for instant added HP.... This set up needs a full programmable EMS w/ 720cc injectors (at least turbo motors do) to match the increase of air flow along with proper opened up headwork.

Some girls like to have fun too ;)
well I'm guess I'm open to new ideas. I just thought that there must be a reason every FI engine I've ever seen had the injectors so close to the head that they sprayed into the intake port. But if they've found it improves power I'm not about to argue with a dynamometer. Hats off to them for trying something different and making it work better.

I googled it and found the first website that was selling them - over $3000 for the kit. A little steep for my wallet, does it exist cheaper anywhere? It said it didn't come out til this year so I don't imagine it would be real easy to find a used set.
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