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All of you out there who want manual steering for your ZX, I have access to maybe two sets for pretty cheep, but only for a couple days. I have no history on them, but I do know they are the manual steerling assembly for the zx's, the pitman arms, gear box (not rack), etc. If interested I will get a price for the assemblies. It is price plus shipping of course.
This is the same guy who I got:
R200 3.90:1 for $40
Half shafts from 82 2 for $20
Drive shaft for $10
rest of all mounting stuff for 240 conversion for very cheap
Cluster assembly for zx w/135mph speedo for $15
fuel pump for $10
Mallory dual point dist. for $10
And tons of other things like other 77 dist for $5
ECU for EFI for $10
and much much more.
If you are interested let me know. He has all sorts of things, Head light buckets, doors, various body pieces but not many. If you would like, his name is John in Albuquerque of DNAutosports and his number is 505-848-8424.
Like I said, this stuff is only there for a couple days, give him a call.
Joshua L.
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