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I finally got to the point where i have put to much money into my Z. Soo I have come to the conclusion to part it out.

The car won't start. The problem is the control unit but it is a pain in the ass to get out and very expensive.

It is an '83 280 ZX Turbo.
Everything on the caar is pretty much in perfect condition.
The rims are 15 stock turbo rims.

The interior is percect except for the carpets.
Everything else is perfect.

All exterior body parts are perfect except for the driver side fender and hood.

The engine is almost practically new from all of the parts that I have put into it.
New coil, power transistor (which cost me $300), distributor, brain, injectors, turbo. There are others but can't remember.

So whatever you want it is yours. Make an offer.
If you need a picture i can get you one.

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