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paint scheme for my Z powered Austin Healey...what do you think?

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This would drive the Healey/British purist crazy!

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That definitely would drive purists crazy! There was a thread on Hybridz where a guy was showing pictures of his 370 that he put similar stripes with DATSUN on. He linked to his thread on a 370 site and the people were freaking out. Here is the thread:http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/97380-hybrid-zs-paint-jobs-not-loved-everywhere/

Personally I like the idea, but I would see if any austins had similar stripes and make it a hybrid of the two.

Maybe you could combine the cursive Austin emblem: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Austin_logotype_badge.png and the cursive Datsun emblem: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl...S8CA&esq=1&page=1&ndsp=36&ved=1t:429,r:11,s:0.

Make it an Austin-Datsun.
I'm a firm believer in if you like it, do it (talking about colors, etc., not morals, behaviors, etc.). Personally, I don't care for the idea. But, I will have exactly 2 cents less than 2 cents of my own money in the project, so if you like it, don't let anybody convince you otherwise.

I really, really like those old British roadsters. I think it's cool it has the likely more reliable Z mechanicals. I would still stick with a British look.

I like the idea of a British flag theme instead, or a white circle / white field with a black number in it (ala racing numbers from way back in the day).

Yea, I was just kidding on the BRE stripes. But, it is very interesting whenever I get into a discussion with someone about the car and they learn it has a Z motor in it. But...more horsepower, less weight and a fraction of the cost....it is a great motor for the car.
What about doing the "rising sun" but use the colors and forms of the british flag on the hood? If I have time I'll photochop what I am thinking of.
personally I really like the paint scheme the car came with. But it would be kinda cute if the inside of the hood had a giant rising sun emblem on it, so when you opened it it would glare right out at ya.
Why not use the same paint scheme except instead of the BRE Datsun put "Healey Z" or "280 H" or "280 Healey" in its place or something that effect.
skittle said:
What about doing the "rising sun" but use the colors and forms of the british flag on the hood? If I have time I'll photochop what I am thinking of.
There was a discussion of a custom paint job involving a "rising sun" a few months ago. While it may look really nice, there are some people who equate that flag /symbol with very negative feelings / memories / historical "problems" dating back to the 1930s-1940s. Whether fair or not, some may find that symbol objectionable / offensive.

Personally, I would be conflicted on a "rising sun" motiff. On the one hand, it's your car, your money, your idea, your ride. Paint it whatever, however you want to paint it. If I or anyone else doesn't like it, I / they don't have to look at it!

On the other hand, some will look at that symbol and equate with very negative historical references. Whether I
consider the "rising sun" in a negative light or not, it would really stink to pay good money for a custom paint job, and have some self righteous fool avnge his grandfather by keying your car!
I'm with ghost, like it the way it is. Reminds me of that one Bugatti Royale, or a Talbot, type paint jobs of the 30's. With all that chrome, a darker color would really make it pop. Play with photoshop with lots of colors.

Bonzi Lon
As I tear down this almost 50 year old car, I'm finding layers of grime, primer and paint. It has been repainted at least twice. A common base color I am finding is a tan color. With a Z drivetrain, I'm not sure keeping it original is all that important. I'm building the car for me and what I think is cool. Here is the car from earlier in the week. Before he started sanding, I wanted to see how it would look by changing the line on the two tone. I like it a lot better, but it goes outside the "character line" on the fender, and won't be going this route. I will 90% do a single color and still have a few weeks to figure out what color.

I spend hours every night polishing stuff. I get the tranny back on Monday and the engine is sitting on a stand in the garage as I am still trying to figure out what to do with it.

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If it was mine, I'd go with the two-tone in the above pic. There's a local healey painted that way and it just knocks my socks off when I see it.
Luv your car and your garage!

Very "uplifting"
Thanks, this is the car at the paint shop. It is an unorganized mess, however the guy does great work and his price is right. Here is my garage with the Z motor/trans out of the car.

The car will be painted base coat, clear coat, buffed and polished. The painter sent me a text today and told me the original color on the car was white. I suspected that too, as the painted parts that I am cleaning also have an off white base coat to them. I know I won't paint it white. I really don't like the two tone that follows the character line in the fender.....so, I think I am down to all red (less BRE stripes) or british racing green.

Wont a triple carbed L28 motor look great under that hood?
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BRE has my vote!
My vote is British racing green thats what im gonna paint my 280 when i get enough money. good lucky with your decision and be sure to post pics of the finished product
I think brit green is more of a jagular thing but I think a brit green with rising sun lightly shadowed in the paint would be a very good discription. From far away it is british... Butwhen you look under the hood its japenese, Just like another orignal British car The Loutus Elan!
Here are some pics. I like two tone.

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I like the paint job that it came with. But like a number of people have said, it's your car and your dime. Put what you like on the car.
I vote red.....

Nice work so far!

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