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P90A head on ebay

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Check this out. The bid is only 9.95 right now...14 hours to go on auction.

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Not to many people want P90's those lifters are hard to replace if they die.
anybody know if you can use a different cam with a p-90a?
And the seller is very knowledgeable:) NOT....

"1980 to 1985 Datsun 280zx P90A head is for turbo Z cars. It is in good working condition. It is used and sold as is..... no warranty and no returns. Shipping will be $50. I accept paypal only. Thanks for looking."
I wouldn't buy it just because he won't take it back. What if there is a crack near one of the valves, or it is warped beyond tollerance? well then you just purchased a very expensive and heavy paperweight

I have removed and replaced a few heads on my Z. I never sit them "valves down" like he is doing on the concrete.

Isn't the head resting on one or more of the valves?
Re: General

Heck, I think I just might get it for the lifters. There was one time when a club member would have given his right arm for a lifter when we went out to a show, and it started hammering so bad he had to shut down and leave it at a friends along the way. I'm sure he would have placed, as it is a real nice car. I wouldn't charge a club member in need. It's always nice to have a few odd things on a club cruze.
Sure... if you can get it as cheap as it's listed now, that wouldn't be a bad idea. You could probably pull out the lifters, clean them up, and sell them alone for more. The problem with the P-90a heads isn't the lifters... it's the availability of the lifters.
p-90 heads came with both hyd. liftetrs and norn hyd. lifters. I have had a few of both types
That's a hydro head...
but they did make some wit mech lifters. I have personally owned a couple of them
p90 - mech lifters
p90a - hyd. lifters
what mt is saying is:
p90 - mech lifters
p90a- BOTH mech and hyd. lifters

I'm not positive but I am pretty sure hyd lifters only came on cars in 83, but there were 82 p90a which were mechanical.

Ive never seen a p90a mechanical personally, but I have seen pictures

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