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over charging problem

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the 280z i just bought is over charging. the small red light is on also. the previous owner had a new alernator installed. she told me that it started doing it after it was installed. any idea on what it could be? i wonder if it is hooked up properly.
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what year Z? there are 2 alernators for Z's internally and externally regulated. she might have replaced it with the wrong one.

it is a 77 280z
My 77 does the same thing and has been doing so for the last 6-7 months since I got her running again. Doesn't seem to be doing any damage. But I too would like it fixed just the same. Any idea's?
with the meter on the battery posts while she is running i am getting aroun 15.5 volts. a little high. the alternator looks like it is self regulating and appears to be hooked up properly. did the 77 280z have an external regulator?
yes it is located behind the piece of metal that the fuseable links are mounted on. Unless it has been converted to the newer alt.
I just went throught the whole alternator thing on my 77.

My problem was a bad sense signal.

Anyhow, I wrote an instruction on how to go from externally regulated to internally. you can find it here: <http://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/alternatorswap/index.html>

All you need to do is to unplug the connector to the Vregulator and jumper two of the pins
Here is the Vregulator exposed:

After you remove it, jumper pins (2 to 3) and (1 to 5) on the female connector at the end of the harness then waterproof it.

Here is another way to make the connections:

2-3 (white with red stripe to yellow)
1-5 (blue to white with black stripe)

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thx. what exactly does this do? it turns it into an internal regulator? i thought that meant the regulator was located in the alternator itself. interesting!
yes if you have a 77 with an internally regulated alternator, it will not work with the external unit plugged in.

Do the mod above and you will be fine.

Just make sure your alternator is internally regulated!
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