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Ordering my kick ass pistons tomorrow!

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Hey guys, I'm finally about to dive head first into what I've been wanting to do for years. I've got the $ now and gonna order my JE Forged Pistons (8.1:1 40 over), Clevite 77 main and rod bearings, ARP rod and main bolts, complete timing gear set, high volume turbo oil pump, and an engine gasket set. It's Top End Performance's kit if anyone else is interested. Then when the pistons come in, I'm going down to Paeco to machine it and assemble it :-D

Now all I need are manifolds, another N42 head to be fixed up (going to leave mine on the car so I can still drive it while the engine is being built), a fuel rail, big injectors, turbo, 240SX TB kit, Painless Wiring kit, and a 5 speed capable of handling the 300+ hp :-D

Can't decide if I want the cool distributorless SDS system, or a Megasquirt to run the fuel and spark.
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Sounds like a sweet setup that will haul with a t04b turbocharger. good luck
Why an N42 head? You want a P90 head. What head do those pistons = 8.1:1 with?
An N42 head cuz I wanna :) I don't want a P90 head. Couldn't tell ya what head they figured it up on. They just said they're 8.1:1, and they do lots of Z car motors, so I'm sure they know.
uh oh....I see a big expensive mistake looming on the horizon!
Different heads make different compression ratios. If they told you a C/R for a turbo motor they almost certainly assumed it was with a p-90, since that was the only turbo head on our motors. If they assumed that, then your C/r with the n-42 is gonna be different; too high for boost and without the boost forged pistons are a waste o money! You should not be running an n-42 with a turbo cuz you wanna, you shoud want a p-90, cuz it's a better head for your application. the n-42 is a great head for non-turbo bolt on improvement because it raises the c/r but it's combustion chamber shape is less modern and the combination of shape and reduced volume will be a big step back in turbo performance. You definitely need to do some more homework before you take the expensive plunge you are about to take. Ask Bubble Guinea! You can spend a lot of money and not go any faster, if you don't know what you are doing.
ohh oohhh get pallnets fuel rail!
Dammit, then how come countless people use N42s on turbos? Well I COULD go P90, I just wanted to use the N42 since that's what I have. Will my non-egr intake manifold work on a P90? That's the main reason I wanted to use my N42, no annoying EGR, plus the cool no-webbing between the runners look.
The head has nothing to do with EGR plumbing so any head is fine.
The "turbo" head has several advantages like larger chambers and a cam that is setup for the turo, and some say better flowing.

I would NOT say that countless people use the N42 with a turbo from what I see. I would say that the reverse is true that the N/A guys are stealing the P90's for their setup.

Dammit I need to pay more attention lol

Well someone give me a P90 and I'll take you for a spin in my Z once I finish it lol
YIKES!!!! Steve @ TEP???

LOL... You really trust Steve at Top End? You haven't done your homework! He "might" be okay for purchasing "one" part but... kits??? Oh My... you maybe in for a long ride and more down time.......

Search on this board and at HybridZ. The guy couldn't even put my head back together correctly. He used the wrong valves! Then told me he couldn't use a cam that I had sent to him while I know of others that ran the same exact cam to began with!!! Steve, shaved off the timing marks off on one turbo build up, plus glued the oil feed into the block. Good luck if your parts come wrong and you need to exhange them. I know of 1 person and only one that had a half way nice time while trying to exchange parts due to HIM selling/mailing out the wrong part in the first place.

Steve's a BS smooth talker... but wait til you need a reponse back.... He won't return calls or emails once he has your money.

Good Luck.... who knows.. maybe this guy has changed his tune... a bunch of us threaten to turn his azz into the BAR. LOL You should had seen all the emails that we received from other Z'rs who had problems with him that never spoke up!!!

Just a few links...so you can see who you are going to be dealing with..........



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I don't want to get on the bashing steve band wagon, but ya I heard and have actually seen people who have gotten the bend over buy Steve. Should always buy from people that are trusted and go out of the way for Zcommers....like me. Maybe Steve will be good to you, I hope.
If its not too late I can qoute you a price on a "kit".

Alex C
Horsepower Sales
He's not doing any machine work for me...he's just packing up the timing kit, pump, bearings and all those goodies into a big brown box, putting my name on it, and mailing it to me.
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