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Opinions Wanted - To sell, or not to sell...

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I'm in reducing clutter mode these days. Trying to figure out what to do with all the extra parts I have.

Here's the deal: I have been modifying my 83 ZXT and every time something stock is removed, I put it in storage so that if I, or a possible future buyer, want to put it back to stock, then it is possible with all the OEM parts that originally came with the car.

The Z has been in my family since new. We just don't really see selling it, but you never know what the future holds.

So here's the question: Should I just hang onto all the OEM parts so the Z could possibly returned to stock at sometime down the road, or just get rid of the parts and commit to staying with the modified decision?
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I'd sell the oem parts to finance work on your zxt. Why?

Well to be honest, I don't see Zs in general bringing that much money for an ACCURATE oem restoration. I think you're much better off to enjoy it while you own it, and not worry about the next owner's wishes or what it will sell for. Do what YOU want to do to it, and love every minute driving it.
Do what benifits you more, if you want keep the OEM parts but fix some of them up while they sit like master cylanders and alterntors, keep some sell some just look on a scale of signifigance on what you got towrds value. But also I suggest getting the casings anodized to give them rust protection after a nice sand blasting. I really say you shouldn't worry unless you plan selling it at somthing like Barret Jackson.
Try selling some smaller items on eBay. See how it goes. More money for new mods or parts.

The "old" original parts for resto - I don't think so - I think selling them is your best bet.
Thanks for the opinions.

Guess I need to catalog all the stuff and make the final decision to just let it go. Its tough being a packrat.
if its going to sit and rott i'd sell it. and really. even if you put it back to original you'll have so much miles on the car and it sounds like a driver so it will have other wear and tear on it too. if its a show car or something similar i'd consider saving the stock stuff if i had the room for it.
Its not a daily driver. I call it my "toy". All mods have been for driving pleasure/fun and it gets out with the local sports car folks on a regular basis. I retired from the show circuit after getting some 15 odd trophies for it.
I would be interested in some of your parts if you decide to sell. From what I remember in old post you swapped out a lot of stuff
My 2 cents are,I would fiqure what the parts are realistically worth on the market and what the car is worth on the market.Then I would do the same for the car with the parts included in the sell. Then I would fiqure what the car with the original parts put back on and the amount of labor to do so and what the modified parts are worth alone. Then I would go for the deal that may generate the most money. I know you don't want to sell the car but to fiqure the best price I would take it's value into the calculations.
I'll bet keeping the car with the mods on it and selling the original parts off will bring the best deal if the car is not sold.
The results will be interesting let us know what you decide.
zxtoy...that's good food for thought.

When I needed to modify a stock part, I actually bought another one for that purpose and packed the original away for safe keeping. Things like rear strut caps, virgin ashtray, seat brackets, gauges, etc.

brkr...I didn't want this thread to be confused with something that belongs in the classified section. If you want to PM me for what you might be looking for, we can take it offline.
I keep all my oem working parts just in case a replaced part breaks, so I have a back-up.

Though I am not plagued with any type of storage problem.
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