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one ugly zx

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I like it! Not saying its really great looking but I think its sweet!

Only thing I don't get is why the n/a engine! Turbo that beast [mm v8 even].

This is its 2nd or 3rd? time on ebay as well, sad.
some of the pics look photoshoped

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I don't see anything in that interior picture that looks like it has been changed. That car is pretty interesting, but I'm not too keen on the paint scheme.
Second time someone has posted this, it was on ebay already.

Some people here were pretty sure it was photoshop'd, some of the shadows and perspectives look screwy.

Almost looks like a VW hood ,Look out Herbie I'm comin,around ,He He
i tried to explain to people that it is chopped with the pictures above... look at the rear deck panel...it just looks wrong! the colors/shadows/lines are not right. that is fake for shure.

I don't know production figures, but I'm sure Nissan made far more than just ONE...
Side saddles or luggage compartments

Make a cool airport bus
all that work and it's kinda halfass....atleast get rid of that stock bumper...it doesn't look right.
dont like the rear,paint job, or bigass spoiler but the rest is pretty cool....looks like you can get pretty big tires on there....... ....s
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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