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one last time my mind is going nuts

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I plan on getting a t3t4oe 50 trim 63 A/R...
People here suggest getting a GT35. It's very popular.
Can someone tell me which spec is best recommended with a GT35.
?? Trim (Compressor) and ?? A/R Turbine all these numbers are starting to comfuse me. Thanks
Stock internals L28 with future plans for Megasquirt with 370cc injectors.
Plan to more for street not so much strip.
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Selecting the right turbo and the right trim is totally a function of your power goals and desired power band.

You can play around with this calculator, http://www.squirrelpf.com/turbocalc/ and then see the compressor maps for various turbo's here. I believe they cover pretty much all of the GT and T series turbo's. This way you can decide for yourself what turbo is best rather than going on some else's best guess of what is right for you goals.
Unless you got a ported head and a cam, that GT35R will surge like crazy on boost because the engine can't flow as much as the compressor's minimum flow requirements at WOT in the midrange at above 15psi.

Bad Choice.
Thanks Tony. I had a feeling that was the case. Probabyy going with a GT3071 or GT3076. People are telling me it a better choice with a factory internals. and more midrange power. I was trying to find something on ebay with the right number (need to go cheap right now) but it's really hard to find a match plus you never know the quality of these ebay turbo. And the more and more I look at all the number they list the more confused I get. Thanks again. Who do you recommend buyinga turbo from.
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