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Hi, I just bought a mint 87ZX non turbo, black on black, 85k miles, and pretty much bone stock except for K&N filter, console cover (with cup holder)
and new aftermarket Bluetooth stereo, amp, 4 speakers with small sub (all matching Kenwood components) but I got all the old stuff except the stereo.
It has been garaged since new and still has original paint which still shows very nice. It even came with the original factory bra with the Z logo in like new
condition! I will never put it on a black car though.

The only cons are the antenna doesn't work, washer light stays on but it's full and working, and there are no T-top bags. Everything else works fine.
I thought I'd join a Z forum and see if I can find info on those fixes and see if there were others in the Greenville SC area who'd like to swap stories. I
know there is a club close to Charlotte NC because I saw a lot of Z cars there in one area on the infield of the speedway during the spring show one year.

This is my 4th? Z but I sold my last Z in 1989-90 and the only Z's I've owned till now have been 240's. 1 70, 2 73's and a parts car. one of the 73's was
a convertible conversion, done right with the drive train of a 79 in it. did a V8 conversion on it and hated it so I sold it.

The wife and I are about 4-5 years from retirement so we were looking for a play car to take weekend cruises and beach or mountain trips. We both like
the Z car since I had a 70 240 when we started dating. We decided that if we did find a Z we would look at the 87 style because it was more comfortable
to drive. We were looking at convertibles but the T-top is almost as good.

I started the "Piedmont Z Club" in 1988 which does not exist today but it was fun while it lasted. We had about 30-35 members. We live in the upstate of SC and love to cruise the mountains on weekends. Well, that's about it in a nutshell. Thanks, Keith
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