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Old z-car magazine

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I have the following magazine which I think is a collectable:
***Warning dial-up users, the pic is big***

Cut and paste

Is this collectable and, if it is, what is it worth? I am considering putting it on Ebay if it is worth my time.

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I used to subscribe to that magazine. I still have nine old issues dating from "Spring 97 through Summer 99 (including the one that you have). I believe they missed a few issues in between. It started out as "Z Car Magazine" and later changed to "Z Car and Classic Datsun". I heard that the publisher had a few problems. Finally stopped prublication. I am also curious to find out if they are worth anything.
I think that the archives are wonderful. I have used them many times. But that is not the only reason that I visit this site. I like to find out what problems/issues my fellow Z enthusiasts are facing and what new methods of repair are suggested. If I can help, I will throw in my 2 cents worth. I even enjoy the general b.s./dialogue that is exchanged on this forum. I suppose that the majority of the problems that all of us are having have already been solved by someone and the solutions are documented in the archives- especially problems faced by us 1st generation Z owners. But my point is: if K Simmons had gone directly to the archives and if he had found an answer to his question, then there would have been a number of our readers that would have never found out there was a Z car enthusiast magazine long before Sport Z magazine came on the scene. The archives are great, but they are not a panacea.
I am with Paul, obviously, if everyone searched the archives for 1/2 hour and found all that they were looking for then this board would become very slow(not alot of new problems on 30 yr old cars). Slow message boards tend to disappear and none of us want that.

I understand where you are coming from, this has probably been mentioned before. But, unless I searched for the 20 or so different ways that this topic could be phrased, I may not find what I am looking for. This may sound like a smart-#$% thing to say but it is not intended to be: If you are tired of answering the same question multiple times, then don't reply.
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